Who are your people? We know it's important to be connected, but
it's hard to build lasting friendships. What if taking one simple step
changed everything?

At FBC Columbia, we're trying to make it eaiser for you to find people
who share your interests. We know that when you get together with
people and have fun, you'll begin to grow into a strong community
that serves and grows together.

What if you are one step away from saying, "These are my people"?




Coed College // Mike Gaynor (downstairs room 115)
Coed 30+ // Nick Greenfield (downstairs room 111)
Ladies 30+ // Genevieve Ralston (upstairs room 210)
Coed 40+ // Lee Guethle (upstairs room 202)
Coed 30+ // Nate White (downstairs room 110)
Coed 40+ // Jim Kaiping (upstairs room 211)
Coed 40+ // Mike Reeve (upstairs room 209)
Coed 40+ // Tom Turner (upstairs room 201)
Coed 50+ // Paul Freed (downstairs room 114)

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SUNDAYS // 8:15 AM

Coed 60+ // Ron Stanley (downstairs 114)
Coed 50+ // Monte Wilhelm (upstairs 210)
Men 60+ // Clyde Kempf (downstairs 115)
Men 50+ // Jim Powers (upstairs 211)
Women 60+ // MaryAnn Bueltemann (downstairs 115)
Women 60+ // Dorothy Turner (downstairs 111)

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Coed 50+ Paul Freed (Paul and Pam Freed’s home 7PM)
Coed 30+ Josh Flowers (Josh and Carmen Flowers’ home 7PM)

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Coed 40+ // Rob Mardirosian (small group member homes 7PM)
Coed 40+ // Rob Gallagher (Rob and Rachel Gallagher’s home 7PM)

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